Mohamed Karaoui

I'm the Official manager of the Africa North Journeys Company in Morocco. Berber by birth, my home is the desert!

I work in a team with Berber guides for providing real authentic experiences. We love to show you the beauty of our country and our fascinating culture!

If you need any information, you can contact me anytime! I speak English fluently.

On this page, you will find several links to our Moroccan Website where you can find a lot more of offers.

But off course - if you just have some ideas and a certain time frame - we will offer you an individual and favorable package!

Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. i will be so glad to provide you the best itinerary we have and share with you my culture, traditions, ... and Berber stories.

+212 76780 92 02

Monika Elsen

I am your German contact person if you have any questions. English and French I also speak. if you are missing information about the country and the people, or if you are unsure, I will be happy to help you at any time.

I did my first tour with Africa North Journeys in May 2022. Morocco has grabbed me. I was fascinated and overwhelmed by the abundance and the oriental way of life. Yes, and today I have decided to bring this experience to others. Morocco is not an easy country, but worth this challenge. To win there are deep impressions and respect for this wonderful country!
With the experience I have gained, today I can organize trips myself - together with the experienced team of Africa North Journeys.

+41 32 513 31 67

I was born in Germany, but I live in Switzerland since 2010. The longing for distance and adventure has led me to Morocco. And how can I say - it has conquered my heart. Of course, it is not only the country, but especially the people. I was welcomed so warmly that my heart is still warm today. Although the people there are often poor, they share as a matter of course. They make a virtue out of necessity. They are masters at improvising. And yet here and there you can see the luxury and splendor of the oriental world, which is still impressive and fascinating.

Whether you want to focus on something specific - be it landscapes, cities, customs, or traditions - or whether you want to experience as many aspects as possible that Morocco has to offer, that is the first decision that needs to be made. Since Morocco is such a huge country, it is better to decide and then focus on one or two areas where you can experience this. You should bring enough time to take in and enjoy everything you want to see and experience, rather than trying to fit it all in. Also, the Moroccan population is a mix of Berbers, Arabs, Africans and Andalusians, which is also something to consider when planning your itinerary, depending on what cultural and traditional aspects (e.g. gastronomy) you want to experience on your trip.