Sahara Desert

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After crossing the High Atlas, southwards, the Sahara is reached. The arid mix of plain, mountain and rolling “waves” of sand seas can be explored by camel, on quad bikes or in 4x4 vehicles. To spend a night in a Bedouin camp further deepens the desert thrill (although it can be very chilly at night!). Small desert communities can be visited in order to gain insight into their traditions and ways of life in this harshest of environments. 

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High Atlas

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Ifrane, Ouzoud Waterfalls

In the High Atlas, there are towering mountains and deep, river-cut valleys. Here Berber communities cling on by sheer endeavor. Traveling here, either on a hike/trek or on a traveling tour in a 4x4 vehicle, reveals a fascination of people going about their countryside business, in the fields, in the marketplaces, along the routes. Chance encounters and meetings (and often informal invitations to drink some mint tea) add great joy to an already enlivening environment.

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Atlantic Seaboard

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Essaouira - Mogador

Essaouira offers fresh, oceanside air, a very extensive beach & relaxing promenade as well as the, by contrast, bustling Medina area. Narrow lanes lead you passed a myriad of shops, stalls, cafés, and restaurants. The harbor is crammed with working fishing boats with many nautical activities to watch and enjoy. As well as Essaouira, there are many other smaller Atlantic coastal villages between it and Agadir to the south that offer very calm and relaxing seaside options.

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Imperial Cities

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Rabat, Fez, Meknes, Marrakech

Fez was once the capital of Morocco and is home to the oldest university in the world; a World Heritage Site Medina adds to its great attraction (as well as its famed Potteries). Mekenes, with its over 1,000-year history, and again a one-time capital city of Morocco, is one of Morocco’s four Imperial cities. Much of historical interest is to be found here, for example, the Bab Mansour, a gigantic arched entrance gate, tiled all around, that was an entry into the imperial city in its heyday. 

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Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, is “fast paced” certainly when compared to other Moroccan cities. Located on the Atlantic seaboard, Casablanca is very much a modern city but the buildings of the old city, the Rick's Café and the Hassan II Mosque are very good to visit.

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The North of Morocco - the Blue City

The evening sun bathes the town in a blaze of blue color. The whole town seems to glow - like a mystical underwater world. But these are only brief moments in the turbulent alleys, which are winding, narrow, sometimes ascending, sometimes descending, leading the visitor from square to square and store to store. Here you can find handicrafts, leatherwork, handmade carpets or the warm djellaba with hood, famous in this area. Not all that glitters is gold, but those who are not immediately persuaded to buy the next best thing can still purchase small treasures here.

It is also worthwhile to follow a path upwards a little outside Bab Mukaddam. Here you can not only marvel at waterfalls in their wildness - where you can almost linger in the middle of them in a restaurant - but here you also go to a high mosque, from where you can experience the best sunset.

Chefchaouen is definitely worth a visit during your Morocco round trip. You shouldn't miss it. Let yourself be infected by this friendly serenity of the Rif Berbers. And imagine that until 100 years ago, access to this former largest northern Moroccan teaching center was still forbidden to Christians. We'll take you there. Africa North Journeys