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After a hearty Moroccan breakfast in your hotel, we will hike the dunes by 4×4 around the Erg Chebbi dunes, populated desert region of sand. You will have an opportunity to discover how and where nomadic families live in this area.  We will have an inevitable stop at the village of Khamelia, where people are living, originated from Mali and Senega. We will enjoy a nice concert of Gnawa music, while we'll have a delicious cup of tea. Afterwards we continue to Mefiss a place where Berber had been working in extracting Eyeliner from the mountains many years ago and where the French army had lived in colonial days. In the midday we will visit a local restaurant specialised in Berber Pizzas.

If you are interested in German art, we will have a round trip to the monuments of Hannsjörg Voth, a German artist.

Back to the hotel to relax and enjoy your free time, Dinner and overnight in the Hotel.

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