Merzouga Round Tour

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 Stage 1 - the local open pit mine

In Mefiss we make a first stop. Here Hassan shows us the quarries where even today Eyliner coal is laboriously mined. He told me (Monika) that he himself worked here as a child after his father died at an early age. He gives me such a stone. Shiny and special.

 Stage 2 - La Musée du fossiles et minérales

On we go to the fossils. Incredible what can be found here in this plain. A small museum contains fascinating treasures. Outside we see a whole "turtle family". Some of the fossils are still cut and polished by hand. You can buy beautiful plates, polished coral fossil or snails.

Stage 3 - The Stairway to Heaven - German Art in Morocco

We continue with the guide to the Marha Plain. A special place. First we drive near the Stairway to Heaven. See it already from far away. Impressive. The entrance fee, however, costs. On to the next sight, the City of Orion. And finally to the golden spiral. Impressive. This vastness, coupled with these strange eye-catchers. Shapes and relations - the relation of the vastness and to the universe - to the stars - yes, that touches.  

Stage 4 - The round mountain - Gara Medouar

We continue to the next sight - the round mountain. Already from a distance it stands out from this eternal expanse. It is said that caravans used to seek shelter from sandstorms in this mountain. And that there was a Portuguese prison here in the last century. The entrance - walled up at that time. Inside a huge courtyard. The mountain walls peppered with caves that were once the cells. This mountain - like so many other places here - was also the backdrop for various movies. The most famous: The Mummy.

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